Our Affect

Among the many art forms that have been developed by humans throughout history, there are few means of self-expression that have the same transformative and unifying characteristics as music. In fact, the field of Anthropology tells us that it is one of the most fundamental components of humanity and its diverse cultures. Every society, even before the advent of civilization, has utilized some form of music making whether through the simplest of percussion, more complex string or wind instruments, or simply the human voice. It is one of the deepest ways that we can communicate because it transcends the limitations of spoken word. It brings us together, helps us to celebrate great accomplishments, and commemorates grand occasions and people. Still, more profound is its influence on us as individuals, whether it provokes us to revel in great joy, aids us in the expression of great sorrow, or inspires us to explore the unknown.

The affect of music upon us is not only observed through intangible emotion, but its physiological benefits have also been quantified and studied at great lengths. Researchers from all over the world have concluded that music has a tremendous impact on the cognitive health of people of all ages. It profoundly improves everything from neuroplasticity to social interaction and has been shown to play a huge role in combating the diminishing rates of cognitive development for children living in poverty. One such study in Canada found that Math and English test scores were increased by 20% in students as a result of musical education. This demonstrates that music, while on one-hand serving as an intellectual expression of ourselves, is also an important part of our spiritual and physical well being. With this knowledge our mission quickly became apparent: to strengthen the life-changing benefits of musical education in our schools so that every child may have the opportunity to lead successful and happy lives.

The Impetus Project, our educational program is designed to support the specific needs of the music programs in our local schools. Whether it is through extending resources such as instruments, sheet music, or method books to schools with established curriculums, or by completely supplementing the curriculums through after school ensembles and lessons, we are committed to serving our vital education system wherever assistance is needed. A unique feature of our program is our series of in-school musical performances that are meant to inspire students to study and appreciate music in all forms. These performances will feature ensembles of a variety of musical genres such as Classical Chamber, Jazz, Salsa, Opera, Gospel, Electronic, Hip Hop, and many more. Students will also have the opportunity to interact with seasoned musicians with years of experience in performing and teaching to create a hands-on learning environment. 

To learn more about our programs, sign your child up for lessons, or schedule a concert in your school,        please follow the link below!

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