Brian Kendall James

Graphic Designer

Brian Kendall James is a creative. He is specialized in the imaging of forms within fine art and graphic design. Brian has received his Bachelors of Fine Art Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia with a focus in Printmaking. During his time there, Brian was featured in numerous artwork exhibitions including juried gallery exhibitions at Kai Lin Art and Paper Plane Gallery along with self-organized shows such as #$%#! (Two Pounds)and HardPressed. His extroverted personality and affinity for problem-solving makes him an artistic and adaptive force in goal setting, ideation, and team collaboration.

Brian Kendall James has a natural talent for the visual image and creative thinking. The image-making techniques of Printmaking, the forefather of contemporary graphic design, demanded commitment and discipline for the creation of original prints at the intersection of fine art and design. Brian’s curiosity of color and joy of play inspire his exploration of art. Brian Kendall James is available for art consultations, commissions and freelance design work.