Brass Instructor Felipe Brito working with one of his students at Franklin  D. Roosevelt Elementary

Brass Instructor Felipe Brito working with one of his students at Franklin  D. Roosevelt Elementary

Private Lessons

Students enrolled in our music program have the option to receive weekly private lessons from our esteemed instructors on an instrument of their choice.  These one-on-one interactions between teachers and students are imperative to building a strong musical understanding because each individual will learn at a different rate. Our teachers have received degrees from several world-renowned institutions, most notably the Cleveland Institute of Music, and have years of experience in both performing and teaching. Our private lessons will take place throughout the day in our partnered schools, allowing students to remain in a safe environment and giving parents peace of mind.  If you are interested in enrolling your son or daughter in our program, or if you have any questions about what we offer, please contact us below! 

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"Change the way you think, change the way you play!"

-Massimo La Rosa

The Impetus Project

Our multi week music education program, The Impetus Project, is working to lead a renaissance in Cleveland schools, as well as all over the midwest including Ohio and Michigan! We believe that with the right resources and instruction, any child has the potential to reach their dreams.

In order to best serve our students, we have designed a customizable after-school program that is tailored to fit the specific needs and interests of the schools we partner with. Our students meet with instructors three times a week for the duration of the program to develop skills in instrumental/vocal performance, Dalcroze eurythmics, music theory, music history, and more.  By putting our students in touch with the best instructors, many of whom have degrees from world-renowned conservatories such as the Cleveland Institute of Music, we are making sure that they are learning the valuable skills necessary to achieve success. 

"Art is about the process, not the product."

- Laurie Rosen

After-School Programs

Our after-school programs consist of instrumental/vocal ensembles, eurythmics training, and foundational studies. We feel that these components of our program give students an in-depth understanding of music and result in a more effective learning environment. Schools can decide which types of programs they would like for their students and are welcomed to mix and match to meet their own specific needs. 

Group Workshops

It is crucial for students to learn cooperation at an early age and ensemble playing is a proven and effective method for developing important social skills. In these group workshops, students will work together as ensembles to integrate what they've learned in private lessons. We believe this environment will allow students who advance more quickly to assist others and, as a result, will enrich the learning experience as a whole.    


 Dalcroze Eurythmics is a method of teaching musical rhythm to students that involves incorporating physical representations of musical concepts and provides a deep experiential understanding of music. The approach is similar to other developmental methods, such as the Suzuki Method or the Orff School in that it focuses on learning music through physical manifestation and interaction with the full spectrum of senses rather than learning exclusively  through reading and writing.   

Foundational Studies

In order to offer the fullest musical education to our students, we have incorporated a program called Foundational Studies, which is intended to enhance understanding of basic music concepts. As the name implies, the curriculum is designed to be a point of departure for introducing areas of musical study such as theory, history, musicology, ear training etc. However, this program is not meant to be lectures and blackboards. Our teachers have worked to create a program that teaches musical concepts through interactive musical presentations, live performances, and even field trips. This hands-on approach leads to a greater understanding and appreciation for music, encouraging students to continue their studies into the future.