Our Privacy Policy

We are committed to your privacy at Lake Affect Arts and go to great lengths to preserve the confidential information of all of our patrons. This Privacy Policy outlines our process of collecting data and our efforts in keeping private information from the public. Such confidential information includes, but is not limited to: Credit/Debit card information, Social Security data, banking information, dates of birth, home addresses, phone numbers, etc.


Any updates or changes made in this policy will be appropriately displayed for our patrons and we welcome any questions about our policy. All inquiries or suggestions about our policy can be made by visit our Contact tab. 


Ticket Sales


Our online ticketing services require the use of Credit/Debit cards as well as other sensitive personal information that our patrons may wish to remain secure. Other than for the explicit purposes of selling tickets, Lake Affect does not use this information for anything other than the transactions of the consumer. All personal information provided in the process of purchasing tickets for our events remains protected under our Privacy Policy. The ticketing for many of our events will be managed by Brown Paper Tickets, a company that specializes in ticket sales for organizations without an established Box Office. They have a very clear privacy policy under their Terms & Conditions tab, that includes information for buying tickets through their site.

Private Instruction


In some cases, Lake Affect teachers may collect information from parents and/or students including methods of payment or home addresses. The information gathered by our teachers or any of our staff for educational purposes (purchasing instruments, paying for lessons, etc.) remains protected under our privacy policy.



Lake Affect Arts Inc is registered as a 501c3 nonprofit organization. While we at Lake Affect Arts are grateful to any support we receive to support our endeavors, we make a strong commitment to preserving the identities and personal information from all of our donors.  However, for tax purposes, certain information regarding donations is required by the Internal Revenue Service as it pertains to generated revenue. Through the IRS Form 990-PF Lake Affect Arts will disclose required information on a yearly basis that is necessary for maintaining federal nonprofit status. This information is used solely for the express purposes of reporting necessary tax documents to the IRS and will not be made available to the public.